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#ASKFREDLAM SHOW – EPISODE 019 | 2 Proven $300K + eCom Products Plus Q&A Session

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Last night show was all about you guys! For the questions and answers below, if you want to more about the question in depth, please make sure you watch the video to the time selected for a demo. 🙂

[5:41] Deepak Deepak asks, ” Zero Up Software Most of the work will be substituted by automatically, but what is the main still to have to come up with Zero Up?”

So with Zero Up, we also have a funnel builder that is guaranteed to increase your average order value. We also have the profit multiplier, which also helps you increase your sales. Zero Up isn’t there to make your life easier. It’s to build, grow and scale your business to make more profit.

[6:26] Claire from Australia, “How do you find products that sell from Facebook?”

Here are 3 things I do, I look at Amazon’s best selling list, and I look at trending products Via Ads on Facebook.

[17:27] Jason, “Started my store, but I’m afraid to jump into ads”

Don’t be scared running ads, you need to run ads, so you can get the market to tell you if your products are good or not. The more you are scared, the less success you will have.

 [18:10] It’s The Door ask, ” How do I import Facebook customers comments into my website to create a product review and get people to trust me?”

You cannot import Facebook customer’s comments, but you can take a screenshot and add it to your store.

[18:59] “Submitting my website URL to Google, How do I do it?”

I’m not an SEO expert, but I remember it was… When you go on google, and type in submit URL, you can do it there.

[20:22] Mohammed asked, “How much minimum invest required to start a drop shipping business?”

$100 🙂

  [21:27] Joran Asah asks, ” How do you go about sourcing out a reputable vendor?”

When I go to Aliexpress, I want to make sure these vendors have a feedback symbol of at least 2 diamonds. and rating at a minimum 95%. I won’t work with medallions because they are new. The levels are medallions, diamonds, blue crown, and pink crown.  These are the most important to know when dealing with vendors.

[23:03] Jason, “Is it ok to start running a Shopify store even if I have 5-6 prints to start with? And how does my store look?”

It’s fine to have 5-6 prints, I would probably add 3-4 physical products.

[24:51] David, ” I am confused about Facebook pixel, if you have a nitch, say wine, and a nitch for survival, should you have 2 separate pixels? do you confuse the pixel?

Watch my Facebook Pixel Episode! If you have 2 separate pixels running from the same store, you will confuse Facebook.

[25:49] Dona, “I’m just getting started is there a way to get one-on-one mentorship?

Sorry Dona, at the moment I don’t do one-on-one mentorship.

[27:07] Yoshi, “what traffic method do you recommend newbies getting into internet marketing?”

Solo Ads on, more in the video.

[29:30] Johanna, “What is the best strategy to achieve/increase customers?

Increase your average order value through upselling and backend to wipe out competition.

[32:12] RTS ask, ” What is the best way to start a coaching business?

You cannot use Zero Up for coaching. Start by having a hook why the customer needs to hire you as a coach and also you need to over deliver.

[34:20] JDM Productions, “How to get a lot of traffic to your store for free?”

You can get a big influencer to back you up, or you know a lot about SEO and SEO your way to get more traffic. Other than that, you cannot get a lot of traffic for free.

[39:34] I have a travel business site: Which kind of ad using google network will produce the best results? Adwords or banner ad display?

Go after SEARCH to go after keywords that are related to Philippines activities/ travel related. Have 2 campaigns: one targeting people in the Philippines, and 2nd, go after people outside of the Philippines. Then target the same keyword!

[44:22] How important are product description? and how to start with good descriptions?

You need a good product description and talk about the benefit of the product. Only use 1 paragraph! Recommendation for those isn’t great in English or writing: go to and copy their listing.

[48:37] Amazon could be delivered in less than one week, AliExpress, it takes 2-4 weeks. 

For AliExpress, you need to use ePacket! Always Always!

[49:55] D Boston, “How do you set up retargeting ads?”

Depends on what ads you are using. In short, ads in general, install the pixel on your page and create a customer audience on Facebook for that URL.

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