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#AskFredLam Show – Episode 38 | Full Questions & Answers Session

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This past #AskFredLam Show Episode 38, we had a great Q&A session!  Please review the following and note that I’ve put on the time stamp for your convenience. 🙂 And lastly, the bad news, this was my last #AskFredLam Webinar. I will be taking a month break, but will be back in November!

[9:24] Trisha – “Dear Fred, please help. If I want to use the purchase standard event…” Okay, so we’re talking about Facebook Ad right now, “How do I sort the one purchase event code for the different product during an ad campaign? I think previously you mentioned you have a software solution to sort various products in Facebook. Please remind me. There are no good answers online.”

So, Trisha, my answer is very simple. Go to my YouTube channel and search for Pixel Bay. So I do have an app out there that really helps you segment out your purchase standard events based on product or a group of products. And it’s actually done through my software called Pixel Bay, which is available in Shopify store in the app store, and it’s all approved by Facebook and Shopify. So you want to Google Pixel Bay … Search Pixel Bay in Shopify App store. And you will actually see it. I have a lot of video training inside to specifically talk about … I got people making fun of my ‘specifically’, it just comes out really awkward for me. Being Changlish. So with that, just look up Pixel Bay and you’ll see exactly what it is and that will solve your problem.

[10:02] Claire –“Hi Fred, Claire from Aussie land. How do you figure out what products will sell in your niche?” 

So here’s obviously a very, very, very commonly asked question. How do you figure out what products will sell in your niche? I can tell you flat out, I do not know. If I could tell you I know, I would actually go down the street and buy a lottery ticket and actually win like a hundred million dollars. And be just doing stupid stuff. But at the end of the day, what you need to know is that you don’t want to assume, or you don’t want to say, “I think this product’s going to sell.” Or, “I think this product will sell well within my niche. I think my customers are going to actually buy this product.” You do not want to actually go and market based on the assumption if the product is going to sell or not. – My answer was very long, please see the video for more.

[14:37] Sebastian – “Question. For a single product do I have to create a different campaign if I have to test new targeting or can I do the new targeting under the same campaign but in a different adset. ” 

Excellent question that you brought this up, this is more a little bit advanced.

So here’s how I run my Facebook campaign. The campaign level equal to your one single product. Okay? Adsets equal to targeting. So, to answer your question Sebastian, what I would do is, you just create a new adset, going after new targeting within that one campaign. All right? That’s what you wanted to do. So you always want to have one product in your campaign and you can add in a lot more different targeting, under each of the campaigns. Okay? Sorry, under each of the adsets that are under that one singular campaign. That’s what you want to do.

So when you’re logging on into Facebook, how it should look like, is that each campaign is equal to one product. Okay? Each campaign is equal to a specific objective, like website conversion. If you click on that campaign, under that it will have all your targeting in place.

[ 16:36 ] Leo – “Fred, why I don’t have the option to select website conversion on the Facebook page.” 

Well the answer is, you select it in your ads manager when you create your ad. Not in your Facebook page. All right? So when you go in and create your ad on Facebook, it will give you the ability to actually do that.

[17:17] Cora – “What can I do to use strike payments outside eligible countries?” 

So if you go to Shopify, Shopify actually has all these done. What I would suggest you do is just simply go to the live chat and ask them, say, “Hey, I live in South Africa…” Or whatever, I’m just making it up right now. “I live in South Africa, what is the best merchant processing solution for me to process my orders in my e-commerce store?” They will give you a lot of different suggestions and you choose that one from there.

[18:00] Damien – “Hey Fred, can you take a look at my company’s website, and critique it? And how could we utilize email marketing with CBD products? Thank you so much in advance.” 

All right. So that already turned me off, I’m on the webpage and all of a sudden I hear audio, I hear music I hear sound. And it’s like holy crap, is my computer hacked. That’s the first thing that came to my mind. One thing, if you want to put a video that’s on auto play, please put it above the fold. Do not put it below the fold. What I mean below the fold is I gotta scroll down to look for the video. That really turned me off. And I would just shut down right away.- My answer was very long, please see the video for more.

[23:04] LB Suba – “Fred, is it possible to set up a conversion campaign without having enough data in Facebook?” 

The answer is, yes. Okay, you can start a brand new account and still craft a conversion campaign. That is absolutely actually suggest that you do. And that is absolutely fine.

[23:35] Danicus Anken – “Fred, from Cameron, having problems with PayPal, I can’t receive transfer from customers. I try calling PayPal but no one available. Please advise what to do.” 

So when it comes to PayPal problem, Danicus, I hope I pronounced your name properly, what I would suggest you to do is, contact via email. They’re so much easier to contact through email than phone. When you go in phone, you will just keep looping in through different reps and all this other stuff, you will not get your perfect answer. You would just want to email their contact. And when you’re inside your PayPal account there is a place where you can actually create that ticket, that email ticket and actually have them look into there. Okay? That’s what I would suggest you to do. And that’s what I would do if I’m in your shoe.

[24:44] Winston Go – “Hi Fred, how do I target right audience specifically? I have a hard time getting sales, even though I use Audience inside the demographics and behaviors. My website is I use the five dollar per day approach, but I’m running low on budget and funds.”

So let me look at your website first. So here’s one thing you want to rapid test your products. And that’s very, very important, and I’m not sure what products you will be selling, but when you’re selling, one of the most important thing is, being in the customer’s shoe. If I were the mom, will I be buying that product too. Now you have a lot of products on here already. – My answer was very long, please see the video for more.

[29:40] Dave – “What do I enter on Facebook ads to steer readers to my landing page? Someone wrote that you cannot show a URL on your Facebook ad.” 

So Dave, a very great question, and I’m not sure where you actually got that piece of information that you cannot put a URL in your FB ad, you can.

What I normally do is that I have a link in my post text. I have a link in my post text and I tell them specifically to click. Click, order now, or whatever and then have people there. What I also do is in the link description I tell people to click here as well. So that way you have two places for people to actually click, to actually go to your landing page. One is in your post text, the other one is actually on the image, where when you put it on the image, something like, this. Oops. Something like this, let me show an example real quick.  – My answer was very long, please see the video for more.

[31:46] Chelsea Daniels – “Could you please take a look at my site and let me know if I’m on the right track or not. I haven’t opened my store yet, so the password page is still active.” 

All right so here are the feedbacks that I have for you. Number one, the logo can be better. Immediately I don’t know why for some reason, you’re going in the market of … I believe you’re going after the horoscope market, but the first feeling that I got is this is kind of a spiritual market. So it kind of turned me off a little bit. Despite the fact that you’re actually going after the horoscope and the astrology market. – My answer was very long, please see the video for more.

[38:21] Robert – “Are some niches too saturated to go into, like dogs, or is more about the product we pick in the market?” 

I do have to say, one thing for a fact, is that there’s no such thing as saturation. Only because of a couple things. If you look at it from a perspective … I’m not going to type this out I’m going to explain this more thoroughly, and you guys need to follow me with some numbers okay? – My answer was very long, please see the video for more.

[41:44] Chris Cross – “I actually just asked Shopify today about the merchant system available in the Philippines, and they sent me an email of the link with the right info. Just give them a call and they will help you out.” 

Thank you, Chris, for letting us know.

[41;55] Miami News – “I have one ad that actually brings in some sales and I don’t know how to scale. I am paying ten dollars per day, auto bidding dot niche and it seems to be an item of some interest. How do I go from there?” 

Increase your budget no more than 20%. Okay? Is it 20%, let me see our numbers. Increase your budget no more than 20%. Anything over 20% will rest the algorithm. Well, not reset algorithm, I have to say it will go back into the learning phase for your ads and it may affect your sales. Now I’m not sure how many sales you have so far. But here’s what I would do. I would create new assets to go after new targeting within the dot niche, at five dollars per day, or ten dollars per day, and reach to broader market. – My answer was very long, please see the video for more.


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