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How to Profit From The Fidget Spinner Toy Craze – Step-by-Step Blueprint

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Hey. Fred Lam here, and in this video training, I’m going to share with you a very specific business model that you can start literally today and potentially profit from the Fidget Spinner craze that is happening online right now. First of all, for those of you who don’t know what a Fidget Spinner is, you are living in the olden day.

Right now, on the Internet and in most retail stores, Fidget Spinners are going crazy! Everyone, from kids to adults of all ages, is buying these Fidget Spinners. It is absolutely crazy.

On Amazon bestselling, almost every single category, there is a Fidget Spinner. It is in the ‘newest releases’ category, it’s in the ‘mover and shaker’ category, it’s in the ‘most wished for’, and the ‘best-sellers’ for toys and games.

How to Profit From The Fidget Spinner Toy Craze

Now the photo above on the right, this is an ad that I saw on Facebook just the other day (Refer to the YouTube video for more) the ad started on May the 4th, and when I recorded the video, it was May the 25th. It’s only 21 days, and they have over 10 million views on Facebook alone, with just this one single ad on Fidget Spinner.

According to Google, and based on AdWords (A platform where you can actually advertise on the search engine of Google), just in the month of April, you can see that there are over 1.5 million searches on Google just for Fidget Spinners. We haven’t even released the May’s data yet.

Fidget Spinner is becoming very common amongst kids and adults. Why the craze? It is “proven” to reduce and relieve from anxiety and ADHD.

How to Profit From The Fidget Spinner Toy Craze

Yes, Fidget Spinners are on a craze, and it is actually starting to annoy me when I see Fidget Spinners. It’s just everywhere and so crazy that teachers are banning them in schools. There are countless newscast and article releases stating schools are banning Fidget Spinners.

It’s shocking how much money is within this market. So if you are looking into buying a Fidget Spinner, well, guess what? You can now switch position and be the person who sells them!


What You’ll Learn Today…

  • The EASIEST and most POWERFUL online business methods to sell almost anything – EVEN Fidget Spinners!
  • Step-by-Step Blueprint on how you can start with less than $100 to your name – Begin TODAY!
  • How to take a piece of this multi-million dollar market WITHOUT worrying about competitions with ONE SECRET strategy.


But before we go into this, obviously, I need to give you some disclaimer, reality, and expectation, all right? This is not a ‘get rich quick’ scheme and there’s no guarantee results and/or earn an income with this method. These are all based on my personal experience as an entrepreneur online, and please watch the video above or continue reading for education purpose only.


How To Profit From The Fidget Spinner Toy Craze

Disclaimer, Reality & Expectation

  • This is NOT a Get-Rich-Quick Scheme
  • No Guarantee on results or earning an income
  • This is all based on my personal experience and please watch this video for education purpose only.
  • Most importantly: I do not sell Fidget Spinners!
  • Due Diligence: Do NOT sell trademark or patented products.


Now most importantly, one thing that I want to tell you in advance and be really honest with you upfront, I don’t sell Fidget Spinners. I absolutely do not have a store that sells Fidget Spinners, and I’m just sharing with you a specific strategy that I know works. I’ve been using this same strategy with other markets, and now you can start using it too. Play around with this online business model, and it could potentially work for you.

Now there’s a due diligence that you got to accomplish. The products that I’m about to share with you in the Fidget space are from my own research. There are no patent license or trademark on Fidget Spinners. Now if you or someone you know owns a trademark or license, please contact me, and I’ll remove the video and this post. I do not want to upset anyone as it is the last thing I want to do.

For example, Fidget Cube has a trademark pending now. Obviously, when that really gets enforced, no one can sell the Fidget Cube anymore since they can get sued and get into a lawsuit.

Now most importantly, you do not want to use this business model and sell trademarked products or patented products. I am totally against it because ultimately, it will get you in trouble and that’s the last thing I want. So it’s a good thing we cleared up some disclaimers, reality, and expectation.


Let’s start with these drawings below…


How To Profit From The Fidget Spinner Toy Craze

So first you want to create your online store. Let’s pretend the drawing above is your online store with an open sign. 😉


How To Profit From The Fidget Spinner Toy Craze

Now, your goal is to simply find vendors and manufacturers who create these products. Now one of the best strategies I use is This website has vendors and manufacturer who manufactures Fidget Spinners and lots of other products. What you want to do from AliExpress, is grab the image of the product, the description, and your cost.


How To Profit From The Fidget Spinner Toy Craze

Let’s say your cost is going to be around $2. Then your goal is to grab the product information, then simply upload it to your online store and make a margin to it.  So with $2, I would ask you to sell it around $6-$10 but let’s use $6 as an example.


How To Profit From The Fidget Spinner Toy Craze

Once you add the Fidget Spinners to your store, then you would want to broadcast your message. Either through ads, forums or any other places and attract people what will want to buy from your store. Once you have customers (stick figure in my awesome drawing) at your store, they will see the Fidget Spinner, buy it, and give you $6.


How To Profit From The Fidget Spinner Toy Craze

Once you collect your $6, take $2 (cost of goods) and pay your vendor on AliExpress.


How To Profit From The Fidget Spinner Toy Craze

From there you simply ask the vendor to ship the product directly to your customer. So that way, you literally just made $4 profit in-between, and the beauty is that you don’t even need to hold any inventory. Basically, AliExpress holds all the inventory and you don’t have to invest a penny in it!


Now you might be wondering, “Will customers be worried where your products are coming from?”, I can tell you at the end of the day, customers only care about receiving their product. Thanks to, they changed the buying behavior of a lot of consumers online. They only see the photo, not the actual product itself. As long as they receive the product and pay you for, then that’s all that matters.

And at the end of the day, you can simply take full advantage of this, and this is the easiest business model for you to actually start creating a Fidget Spinner store and sell all kinds of Fidget Spinners.


Step 1 – Create a FREE Shopify Account


I want to go into the blueprint on what you need to do, step-by-step. So first of all, obviously, you need to create a website, and it can be hard. However, Thanks to Shopify, one of the best e-commerce platform out there, you can have an e-commerce store in just a couple of days. You can get a FREE trial account for 14 days. If you look at the links below, you can get access to Shopify for 21 days for free.

Free Course ➡️
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So after your free trial, it’ll cost$29 a month. So that was step one. You want to get an e-commerce site up, and Shopify is the best platform out there.


Step 2 – Go to AliExpress To Find Your Vendors

How To Profit From The Fidget Spinner Toy Craze

Second, all you got to do is simply go to, and type in ‘Fidget Spinner’ to find your vendors. From the photo above, the top 3 manufacturers are supplying their products for 60 cents to $1.10 right now.

If we go on, Amazon is selling anywhere from $4 to $19.99. So, guess what? Right there, you already can make a profit right in-between, and we all know usually has the cheapest price online when you buy a product, but through AliExpress, you can get it a lot cheaper than what’s sold on Amazon.

When you’re looking for a vendor, there are several things that you absolutely need to be aware of, and I have a 10-part video training series that covers all of that, and you can download it for free with the links below. Make sure you click those links and get my FREE 10-part video training to understand everything FULLY about AliExpress.

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Step 3 – Copy Info From AliExpress to your Shopify Store

How To Profit From The Fidget Spinner Toy Craze

Now once you have your Fidget Spinner vendor, all you got to do is just copy the information from their AliExpress product page. Get their images, information, and description, and simply upload it to your store. And make it a complete Fidget Spinner store. Once this is done, the next step is VERY important.

“Having the store alone is not enough. You need Shopify apps to turbocharge your store!”

The next step is very important. What you got to do is you got to get some important Shopify apps to turbocharge your store. Having the store alone is not enough. You got to add additional software and tools that are going to help you increase your sales and basically reduce your risk.


Step 4 – Get Some Important Shopify Apps To Turbocharge Store

How To Profit From The Fidget Spinner Toy Craze

I highly recommend the four apps in the photo above. Pixel Bay is a specific Facebook pixel tool that we created at iPro Academy, and now, it’s’ only $9 a month, but this price will go up very, very, very soon. To view my YouTube video that talks all about Pixel Bay and the importance of Facebook Pixel, click here.

The next one you want to get is, Abandonment Protector. So when people go to your store, select products, entered all of their information, and when they hit the credit card page, a lot of people actually leave. It is a common thing, but your goal is to acquire their email address (since they have entered their information), and with Abandonment Protector, you can send automated follow-up emails to anyone who has exited your cart (haven’t purchased) to ask them to come back to your store and finish their transaction.

“People love scarcity”

Next one is called Hurrify, a ass kicking countdown timer app. Here’s the truth: People love scarcity, and if it’s on your landing page, you have scarcity timer of showing how many times are life when the timer goes down, the price will increase, this will increase your conversions.

Last but not least, the last app you want is called Sales Pop. Sales pop shows the recent sales that have happened within your store. This app gains social proof! Since you are creating a new business with your new online store, people won’t really trust it, but if they see the notifications on the bottom of their page to show what other people around the world are buying from your site. Just seeing that, people will say, “Well, this is a legitimate site. I’m going to buy!”. So with the Shopify apps, it will cost you an additional $23.99. These are the investment you want to make.


Step 5 – Run Facebook Ads For Just $5 Per Day (Run 5 Days)

How To Profit From The Fidget Spinner Toy Craze

Step 4 is to run Facebook Ads, and you simply want to run it for $5 per day and for 5 days. Now on my YouTube Channel, I have a lot of video training on how to create your Facebook Ad, and again like a said, I have a free 10-part video training series that actually helps you create this business model. The link is below if you would like to learn how to set up a Facebook ad.

Free Course ➡️
Download Course ➡️

If you don’t want to download my free 10-part video training, simply just subscribe to my YouTube Channel and go watch my Facebook Ads YouTube tutorial, and you’ll learn how to set up your ads. So once you run your ad for five days, obviously, your investment is going to be $25.

So with this entire business blueprint, the total cost for starting up your Fidget Spinner business is the following investment:

Total Cost of Starting Up Your Fidget Spinner Business

How To Profit From The Fidget Spinner Toy Craze


If you run your Facebook Ad’s for 5 days, you should get a sale already, or if you haven’t, then you are missing out on the targeting. Again, you can learn more and get that information on my YouTube Channel.

So, the total cost to start your Fidget Spinner business is less than $100. For just $77.99, you can have your business up and running. And here’s the beauty: With the specific method I’ve shared with you, we are arbitraging the inventory from the vendors, you don’t have to invest any money into products and inventory. You simply copy the images and the description and have it in your store and start selling to your potential customers! It’s pretty easy once you understand the whole concept.

How To Profit From The Fidget Spinner Toy Craze

If you want a full step-by-step method on how to use this business model, click on the image above. Download my free 10-part video training series to building your e-commerce business starting from zero.


But, Here are 2 Major Problems…

Now here’s the truth that I wanted to share with you. There are two major problems that you’re still going to face when you are going to create your new Fidget Spinner business.

Problem #1

Too many competitions. There are so many people online now that are selling Fidget Spinners.

Problem #2

You need to win the pricing wars. The more competitors there are, the cheaper the product is going to be sold at, and people are loving to buy products with a deal! So they would actually do the research to see if they are buying the cheapest cost possible.

So if everyone is jumping to and using this exact business model, you’ll be wondering, “Well, Fred, how on earth am I going to basically make a profit from it? If everyone is using this business model, and there are a lot of other competitors out there that are already in the market for some months, and making money, how do I get a piece of that pie??”

And of course, with the 2 major problems being problems, people will automatically say, “Oh. With these two problems, I’m not going to run my business.”

Guess what? I have a solution for you! And it is to skim the market and profit with a sales funnel.

Now what I mean, in simple English, is that you want to price your product (your Fidget Spinner) lower than what the market is selling and introduce what we call, ‘upsells’. This is a very sneaky method that a lot of people doesn’t even share on the internet. And it’s important that you apply this so that you, yourself, could actually take a bigger piece of the pie. That’s right, by being simply the person that sells it at the lowest price possible and make all the profits from these sales funnel.

This is the exact technique copied from McDonald’s! Back in 1970s, McDonald conducted a survey and realized that customers buy burgers, but doesn’t buy french fries. So what they’ve done was trained their staff, “Do you want fries with that?”. I’m pretty sure, when you head to a fast food restaurant, regardless of the company (Wendy’s or local restaurant) when you want a burger, employees would usually ask, “Do you want fries with that??

And it doesn’t stop there, right? According to McDonald’s, for every 200 customers, their employees would ask, “Do you want fries with that?”, 50% of the people will say yes, and add french fries to their order. So your goal doesn’t stop there because in McDonald’s, and in any restaurant, they would also ask, “Do you want a drink with that? Do you want dessert?”

How To Profit From The Fidget Spinner Toy Craze

So basically, by asking these small questions, you are increasing, what we call the “Average Order Value”. So let’s say you are going to buy a burger, and it’ll cost you around $3, and once staff asks you if you want any extras, your bill could reach up to $8!  So, by asking you these simple questions, McDonalds and restaurants are able to profit an additional $5. Thus, you can apply this technique to your Fidget Spinner business.

So here’s how it works. When you are advertising, or when you are attracting prospects or consumers to your Fidget Spinner Shop, then they click ‘Add to Cart’, you could ask, “Hey, do you want this Fidget chain? This is one of the newest Fidget products out there in the toy market now. You want to add this product.” And when they say yes, you don’t stop from there. You then ask, “Hey, do you want this Fidget Dice? A 12-side that’s the next level for people what loves to fiddle with things.”

How To Profit From The Fidget Spinner Toy Craze

And when you add all of these up, it equals to MONEY. Because at the end of the day, what you’re doing is that when a person buys a Fidget Spinner and buys it for say, $7, then you are adding all these products in-between, you are now increasing profit almost instantly by just asking them questions.

How To Profit From The Fidget Spinner Toy Craze

Here’s exactly how it should look like . You should be running what we call a landing page, and within our software program, Zero Up, we have all of this done for you. 😉

So you create a landing page and say, “Hey, get 0% off of our best-selling Fidget Spinner!” And what I would do is I would skim the market.

Remember earlier when we looked at People are selling around the price of $7 on average, but we are going into the market and skim it at a lower cost, so for consumers, so instead of charging $7, we are going to charge them $4.95.

Now obviously in this case scenario, I’m going to factor in shipping. Let’s pretend that all of these are free shipping. So you are charging $4.95, while the truth is, the total cost (item+shipping) from your AliExpress vendor would be $3.46. Meaning, you are only making $1 or $1.50. That may not be enough for you to run ads and forward your expenses, right? You are only making a dollar per customer.

So what you want to do is introduce upsell. When a person comes to your store and buy a $4.95 product, they click “Add to Cart”, well guess what? You immediately show them, “Hey, get 75% off our premium Fidget Chain that is not banned by teachers! It was 27.80. Now it only cost you $6.95!”

The upsell take rate will be around 20%, all the way to 50%, and if we take McDonald as an analogy, buying french fries, it is a 50% take rate.

So that means that you are now instantly increasing your revenue and your sales from $4.95 to $11, and it doesn’t stop there. When the person clicks “Add to Cart”, you can also say, “Hey, one-time final offer! This is the next level Fidget Dice with 12 sides to fiddle with! For a limited time, get 50% off plus FREE SHIPPING! And it’ll only cost you $12.95”

How To Profit From The Fidget Spinner Toy Craze

So you will skim the markets for the lowest price. And because you introduced all these upsells, in the beginning, you were just going to make $4.95. Now if they say yes to all, you made $24.85! That’s a 400% increase, and that is why Sales Funnel is super powerful, especially when you align it with skimming the market.

Let’s take a look at this from a mathematical standpoint. Very important stuff! So on AliExpress, a Fidget Spinner will cost you around $3.46, and always make sure every single order ships with ePacket. Again, in my 10-part video training, I’ve spoken all about what ePacket is, and why you need to use it.

Free Course ➡️
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How To Profit From The Fidget Spinner Toy Craze

Always remember to use ePacket as a shipping method from


Ok so with the Fidget Spinner (photo above), will cost you $3.46. Let’s take a look at a couple of scenarios, with FREE shipping.

Scenario #1

Cost $3.54, and retail price will be $7. $3.54-$7=$3.54 (profit)

Say you have 100 orders, that means you multiply that by $3.54, you will earn potentially $354. This number excludes advertising. Because by the end of the day, one of the most important things is that you got to run ads and actually get these customers to your store.

So with scenario #1, you will make $354, but need to use $354 on ads to acquire 10 orders. And this is a typical way. But if you use my ‘skim the market’ and introduce upsell market, here’s how the numbers will run.

Scenario #2

Cost $3.54, and retail price will be $4.95.$4.95-$3.54= $1.49

If we take the same 100 orders, that means we make only $149, less money than scenario #1. Keep in mind, we have not factored in our ‘upsell’ and according to McDonald, there’s a 50% take rate. So now when we introduce the Fidget Chain, the chain is going to cost us around $2.72 (Cost from AliExpress and remember to use ePacket!) And let’s price it at $6.95.

So with that price, we will make a profit. $6.95-$2.72= $4.23 profit. Since there’s a 50% take rate, we’re using McDonald’s analogy. That means with 50 orders x $4.20 = $211.50.

So it doesn’t stop here because we still have the dice. The cost of the dice is $8.80 (From AliExpress), and our retail cost will be $12.95. So $12.95-$8.80= $4.15 profit. Ok, again with the 50% take rate: 50 orders x $4.15 = $207.50.

So now let’s add them all up! $149 + $211.50 + $207.50 = $568

How To Profit From The Fidget Spinner Toy Craze

You made $568 in Scenario #2! Now if we take $568 minus Scenario#1 $354 = $214 Additional profit. You have 40% more profit than the person running Scenario #1! So that’s why you can skim the market, and lower retail price, grab all the sales, take on your competition, and you make all of your profits straight from the upsells. This is absolutely vital if you go head to head with your competitor and actually potentially take a piece of the pie in the multimillion dollar Fidget Spinner space!

I hope this post and video really inspires you to actually start running a business. You can sell Fidget Spinners. You can sell whatever you want with this business model, and I’m just using Fidget Spinner’ss craze as an example to share with you on how you can actually create a business out of it!

Again, if you want a full step-by step method on how to actually create your first e-commerence store and ride the wave of the Fidget Spinner craze. Click on the links below!

Free Course ➡️
Download Course ➡️

I gotta say, this craze seems to be growing exponentially, the earlier you move in, the more chances you will get to profit from it. It’s kind of like how ‘BitCoin’ is the next big thing. It’s been booming for the last 3 weeks, and obviously, anyone that got into this earlier will profit from all that!

I hope you enjoy your read and video training! If you like more of these kinds of training and learn how to build a business online, how to run ads online, please subscribe to myYouTube Channel!

Once you subscribe to my YouTube Channelplease leave a comment! Tell me what you think of this lesson’s video. Also, don’t hog this training session, please share it with like-minded people! 🙂  Share it with your family and friends! There is enough money in this space for everyone to actually create a business in the e-commerce space!

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