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Last night’s episode, we spoke about how to supercharge your Shopify’s Facebook Pixel.

This is one of the most important episodes that you need to watch for your store. I will show you ways to supercharge your Facebook Pixel. So by now, you all should know that the number one sales driver and your traffic source when it comes to Shopify sales is Facebook.

Here are some questions from #AskFredLam Episode 012:

[1:25:24] Wendy asks, “Please, will you give me a one-on-one training?”

My apologies, I don’t do one-on-one training. Not yet, I should say, not yet.

[1:25:37] Zuman,  a Zero Up Lab student.

All right Zuman, if you are a Zero Up Lab student, you get this for free. It’s inside your member’s area. You should have gotten an email about it a long time ago.

[1:26:00] John asks, ” Hi, Fred. Which of the following if a niche e-comm store, a necklace store or an elephant necklace store.” 

I would say an elephant necklace store is going to be super narrow, but at the end of the day, the elephant is a niche, super niche. I would actually consider you go after a niche, which is the animal. An animal necklace store. That will give you a lot more ability going from there. That’s what I will suggest you do.

[ 1:26:58] Sophia asks, “Do I have to change the pixel setup I already have inside Shopify?” 

The answer is no. You need to use Shopify’s Facebook pixel integration. If any of you guys have another software doing that, you can’t. Okay, you have to specifically use that right now.

[1:27:57]  Philipe St. Lawrence asks, “What is the big difference between niche store and general store.”

Walmart is equal to a general store. Lowe’s is considered more of a niche store, right, because Walmart, obviously sells anything. Lowe’s sells like things that are related to home and gardening.

[1:28:40] Some people asks, “Is the $9 going to be locked every single month?” 

Yes, it’s going to be locked. When we increase the price, you will not need to actually pay for the increased price.

[1:28:56] Annie says, ” I was trained by another program that I need to produce YouTube to jack up conversions.”

I will have to say that’s false. You don’t really need YouTube to jack the conversions. However, YouTube can help you get more sales if, okay, if you have the right video and you know how to advertise it. Okay. I would have to be flat and honest with you; YouTube is a completely different animal. It is going to be so much more expensive than advertising on Facebook. When you advertise on YouTube, which I do a lot, you have to consider one thing. You need to basically go after mass market, really a mass market, and not just only that. One thing that you need to understand when it comes to YouTube is that the creative, which is the video itself, plays a massive role like a super, super massive role. You have to constantly come up with new videos and nice videos in order for you to make it work.

[1:30:15] Erwin asks, “How do I get rid of some of the variances on Facebook, so I don’t have too many things listed?” 

You can’t get rid of variance, but you can exclude specific products. You can actually do that on Pixabay. I’ll show you exactly how that is done.

[1:30:57} Karl asks, “Fred, does Shopify only accept credit cards as payment for a monthly plan?”

Yes, I believe so.

[1:31:26] “Can Pixabay be adopt for affiliate marketing?”

The answer is no. My apology for that.

[1:31:35] Ted asks, ” How many people in your staff?”

I have now close to, I think, 25 right now. That’s where I’m at.

[1:31:49] Bee asks, “I want to ask you about how these setup taxes?” 

Ask an attorney. I believe I covered it in … I don’t think I covered it. I would suggest ask your local accountant. That will be the best. I’m not an accountant, so it’s very hard for me to give you advice on that and things. I’m not legally allowed to.

[1:32:12] Mike asked, “What’s the ad setup to warm up pixel?”

So what you wanted to do is to basically narrow one specific product, advertise $5 a day, start getting conversions and keep within that market and then expand from there and then your pixels will get warmed up.

[1:32:30] Sheehan asks, “Can one do this type of business dropship without a credit card at your name? Can you use another person’s name?”

Yes, you can. However, if you’re using a different credit card for Facebook ads, Google doesn’t matter through Facebook. You need to make sure that the Facebook account, the name of the Facebook account that owns the ad account is the same legal name as the credit card. Okay. Very important.

[1:32:58] Is Shopify belong to Facebook?

No. Shopify and Facebook is really completely different.

[1:33:04] Machida, “Will it work for woo e-commerce?”

No, this does not work with woo e-commerce.

[1:33:10] Bruce asks, “How much traffic is needed conversions to your pixel before doing retargeting?” 

You don’t need conversions to run retargeting. You can start running retargeting when you have 50 people going to your site. You can start running it right away.

[1:34:09] Anny asks, “Please tell me about the grocery and gourmet niche will your program be applicable?” 

No, it’s not because we don’t sell grocery or gourmets. What you can do is you can sell kitchen accessories, build your audience and then back end your grocery and gourmet. You can actually do that.

[1:34:27] Beth asks, “Do you put your Facebook pixel with this in case you want to sell your store?” 

No, you cannot. I think you can share your Facebook pixel. That’s what you can do.

[1:34:39] Ricardo asks, “Can I submit to the Zero Lab Academy?”

You can actually find me in our Starting From Zero Group.

[1:34:53] Hitam asks, “Can you tell me the best app for Shopify stores?” 

If you have the 10-part video training series, I really told you exactly what they are, so grab it. Go through the video training and you’ll know exactly what it is.

[1:35:12] Raja Shri asks, “Do you have any method you followed to get reliable sellers?” 

I really look at their order account and basically the rating. I have to make sure that I go after someone that’s basically that has at least two diamonds. I typically try to go with crowns because that’s the best.

[1:35:43]  Shawn50poundsin50daysperdayweightlossschool, asks, “If I have a new pixel, should I go for a website conversion purchase or PPE and get people to like and comment first?” 

Go straight to WC. Website conversion always what you want to go out because Facebook pool those people and do that.

[1:36:09] LB asks, “Are you also doing wholesale or FBA as well or you just focus on dropship?”

I started to do a lot of wholesale too, and really built the brands, but dropship is really primarily what I do. I do have a segment at those wholesale.

[1:36:33] Nivida23 asks, “I had two questions about the pixel. When do we know we need a new pixel? Also what if we have a different store? Do we use a different ad pixel?”

When do we know we need a new pixel? You never really need a new pixel. The pixel is always just going to be learning and really becoming better and smarter and smarter. Now, when you have multiple stores or different stores, you want to make sure you have one Facebook ad account which gives you one Facebook pixel per store. You don’t want to crossover it.

[1:37:16] DotaQContestGiveAway asks, “I have a question. Content and grammar was doing simply and no Facebook banning it. Is free traffic changing?” 

I know that right now there are SEOs coming back, especially for Shopify right now. I’m not an SEO expert. How many of you would love it if I get some experts in SEO to come onto our show to talk more about SEO for Shopify? I’ll be honest. I know nothing about SEO like I am a complete newbie when it comes to SEO, and I admit it because I never do it. I’m just a paid guy. I just love doing paid traffic and all those other stuff. All right. I’m giving a lot of people say they would will love SEO. SEO, basically, free traffic, but there’s specific work that you need to put in place to get that free traffic. I can actually look into getting some SEO expert with Shopify to come on board in our show to actually help you guys in all those other stuff.

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Fred Lam started his working life over 12 years ago as a dishwasher. Knowing that he wanted more from life, Fred began venturing into the online business world. His knowledge and accomplishments in the media buying field brought him recognition and prestigious positions. He quickly launched to the top as the youngest Marketing Manager for BMW Group Canada. Today, Fred is the CEO of several multimillion-dollar businesses, including iPro Academy. Fred has coached thousands of students around the world and continues sharing his knowledge in Starting From Zero.

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