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Author: Fred Lam

[Facebook Ads Tutorial] Step-By-Step Facebook Ads Setup – The 2017 Beginner Friendly

Here is a beginner friendly step-by-step Facebook Ad Setup 2017 Tutorial.  It doesn’t matter if you are new or already advertising on Facebook. This is going to be an important video to watch. This video is also very different compared to my previous videos. I wanted to make it more interactive with you. Now, my outcome from this video is for you is to understand about Facebook ads. With additional for you to see real success with Facebook advertising. The bonus for advertising with Facebook? We get to use their ad system! Which will let you gain instant access to...

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How To Profit From Instagram Influencers

I was speechless! This UNDERGROUND eCommerce strategy can flood your sales without ever buying any online ads! How? Companies pay Internet Celebrities upwards of $75,000 for a single post on Instagram, Youtube or Twitter to talk about their products. I thought these companies were wasting their money, but I was proven wrong. Not only are these companies make a fortune by simply having Internet Celebrities fuel their sales, they never have to spend a single penny in buying ads. I took a step back to look at this entire strategy. It came to my realization that this is the...

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Advanced Facebook Ad Strategies

Advanced Facebook Ad Strategies -In the last few months (as of October 2016 when I recorded this training), Facebook has made some drastic changes in their advertising platform. This video is detailed in hopes to get you to understand what these changes are. They’re not just a “cosmetic” change but changes to how their system serve your ads to their audience in their network. If you’re running any Facebook Ads or thinking of running a Facebook Ads, be sure to watch this free training! In this video, we will be cover… [7:00] – When Facebook has an update and...

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