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Advanced Facebook Ad Strategies

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Advanced Facebook Ad Strategies -In the last few months (as of October 2016 when I recorded this training), Facebook has made some drastic changes in their advertising platform. This video is detailed in hopes to get you to understand what these changes are.

They’re not just a “cosmetic” change but changes to how their system serve your ads to their audience in their network. If you’re running any Facebook Ads or thinking of running a Facebook Ads, be sure to watch this free training!

In this video, we will be cover…

[7:00] – When Facebook has an update and suddenly your campaign starts to go from success to failure, here’s what you got to do.

[12:05] – The cosmetic change inside Facebook Ads Manager and Power Editor and what you should do.

[15:32] – Understanding the audience scale of 1 to 10 for all users and how it will affect your advertising campaigns.

[25:15] – The pixel process with your Shopify.

[31:10] – Setting up your audience targeting in your Facebook Ads.

[36:36] – Everything you need to know about Flex Targeting and Audience Overlay.

[41:31] – The importance of Placements.

[47:43] – Setting up your Facebook Ads.

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Fred Lam started his working life over 12 years ago as a dishwasher. Knowing that he wanted more from life, Fred began venturing into the online business world. His knowledge and accomplishments in the media buying field brought him recognition and prestigious positions. He quickly launched to the top as the youngest Marketing Manager for BMW Group Canada. Today, Fred is the CEO of several multimillion-dollar businesses, including iPro Academy. Fred has coached thousands of students around the world and continues sharing his knowledge in Starting From Zero.


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