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Author: Fred Lam

The Future Of Facebook Ads & Messenger | Complete Step-By-Step Training

The Future of Facebook Ads & Messenger 🎬 Case Study & Video Tutorial 🎬 My new Facebook Ads strategy blew me away! Facebook has been putting a lot of attention in Facebook Messenger. It’s the NEXT goldmine for any entrepreneurs. So, recently, I put this to the test. I’ve used Post Engagement Ad with one of my Facebook Post and then utilized an AUTOMATED Facebook Messenger system.. ..and the results I got was mind blowing! Watch The FREE Training Here => It was like I went back in time when Google first released Adwords where many people were...

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#AskFredLam is a full hour ‘LIVE’ Q&A session. Catch me every Tuesday,  5 Pm Pacific Time on my YouTube channel or Facebook Page. Last night’s episode, we spoke about the future of Facebook ads. This is quite life changing! I was privileged to start playing around with this new strategy, and wow, the results are crazy! I will be taking you behind the scene and show you the future of Facebook Ads, and most importantly you’re using a bot, an automated system to run this form of advertising. Every single week, at the end of my #AskFredLam Show, I will give away up...

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New Facebook Advertising Strategy – The 3×3 Method

In this video training, Fred Lam, the CEO of iPro Academy and Founder of Zero Up™ has revealed one of his top Facebook advertising strategies. It’s Facebook Advertising Strategy, called the 3×3 Method. With this 3×3 Method, it is proven to help you yield faster results with the data from your Facebook adverts and maximizes the algorithm that Facebook has created. Fred went in-depth on explaining what the 3×3 method is, the pros and the cons of using this method. Why watch the video? Countless students of Fred Lam has used this method and has achieved tremendous results. One...

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